Historic Use

Beginning in 1840, the site was first used to expand upon an existing workhouse to the south, leaving the northernmost half beyond St. Brendan’s Way un-developed until the late 20thc. The workhouse was then taken over for use by the British military until 1922. It was later demolished and the entire site remained vacant until a temporary HSE building was constructed on part of the site in the late 20thc. Both the site and building remain in HSE ownership to this day.


Key adjacencies to the Workday sites include the Clock Tower to the north- west, Broadstone Gate and the Dublin Bus Depot to the east, Lower House to the south and an Croí to the west. The Clock Tower, formerly a penitentiary and hospital, is its most notable adjacency as its gardens were used to bury thousands of those who died from cholera in the 1830’s.


51,000m2 (above ground)

Site size: 1.28 hectares, comprising 0.31 hectares in Plot 14, 0.27 hectares in Plot 25 (separated by St. Brendan’s Way) and public realm.

Current Use

Currently, the site is being used by EVE, a department within the HSE, to provide support to people experiencing mental health issues through their HUB Programme. Goirtín is one of several hubs within this programme and will be decanted elsewhere before Workday are transferred ownership of the site (subject to planning).


Workday is one of the largest technology companies in the software industry, providing cloud computing services in finance and HR for over 10,000 customers, employing 18,000 globally. Workday plan to establish their European Headquarters in Dublin through a new campus in Grangegorman, bringing 3000 employees to the area in the upcoming years.

Workday Enterprise Management Cloud | Finance, HR, Planning, Spend

Description of New Facilities

The Workday proposal envisages a European Headquarters for Workday that will include retail space at ground level to aid in supporting local employment, economic viability and to animate the public realm. Further, St. Brendan’s Way, a pedestrian street connecting Broadstone Gate to the wider TU Dublin campus, will be landscaped to integrate seating, outdoor terraces and greenery, enriching the public space between the 2 Workday blocks.

Design Team and Contractor/s Involved

Design Team: Henry J Lyons

Project/ Cost Management: AECOM

Civil & Structural Engineering: OCSC

Mechanical & Electrical Services: Axiseng

Archaeologist: IAC Archaeology

Archaeologist: Archaeology Plan

Programme Completion

Planning lodgement anticipated in Q4

Procurement Route


Documents and More Information

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