The Strategic Plan

Under Section 12 of the GDA Act 2005, the Agency was required to write a Strategic Plan for the project. The Strategic Plan is unique in its depth and breadth of detail. It includes a comprehensive land use and architectural Masterplan, the full delivery methodology for all construction into the future, the setting out of procurement mechanisms and allied funding, and a planning strategy which underpins efficient delivery.

Following a statutory consultation process 55 submissions were received on the draft Strategic Plan. A full Response Report was written by the GDA executive and submitted to the Board. Following lengthy consideration the Board agreed to implement the Report and adopt the Strategic Plan.

The full 2011 Grangegorman Strategic Plan is available to view below.

Strategic Plan Cover |download PDF

Strategic Plan Contents |download PDF

Section 1 – Introduction |download PDF 

Section 2 – Project Vision and Context |download PDF

Section 3 – Consultation |download PDF

Section 4 – The Masterplan |download PDF

Section 5 – Implementation |download PDF

Section 6 – Operations |download PDF

Section 7 – Socio-Economic Impacts |download PDF

Section 8 – Project Funding |download PDF

Environmental Report |download PDF

Scoping Issues Papers |download PDF

Appropriate Assessment Screening Report |download PDF

Appendices |download PDF

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Statement |download PDF

 Grangegorman Sustainability Strategy | read here


Strategic Plan Review 2018 | open pdf

Five Year Strategy Statement 2021-2026 | read PDF


SEA Monitoring Report

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Monitoring Report monitors the implementation of the Grangegorman Strategic Plan 2011 in accordance with European Directive 2001/42/EC on Strategic Environmental Assessment. The Grangegorman Development Agency intends to publish annual Monitoring Reports on the implementation of the Strategic Plan and are listed below.

SEA Monitoring Reports

Strategic Plan Monitoring 2011 |download PDF

Strategic Plan Monitoring 2012 | download PDF

Strategic Plan Monitoring 2013 |download PDF

Strategic Plan Monitoring 2015 |download PDF

Strategic Plan Monitoring 2016 |download PDF


Draft Strategic Plan Submissions Response Report

Submission Report| download PDF


Draft Strategic Plan Submissions

Submissions Index| download PDF

Submissions Document| download PDF