September 2014 – What to expect

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With September 2014 fast approaching and  work on the adaptation and fit out of the buildings progressing, what can the first 1,000 students expect to see when they arrive in Grangegorman?

The image above shows the new entrance onto the campus from Grangegorman Lower and the beginning of St. Brendan’s Way. The new cultural garden can also be seen here.

While much of the site will be hoarded off, there will also be a lot open in September. The pdf map below shows what will be accessible on the site.

It is worth noting that while the fields will be finsihed, the grass pitches need a one season bedding in period and therefore there will be no games taking place on these pitches for a while. Another new facilitiy which will be available from September is the new playground. This can be seen on the map in the shaded area at the end of the large pitch.

September 2014 Site Layout