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‘…the lives we live’grangegorman public art marks a new phase of major public arts opportunities within the Grangegorman redevelopment.



Drawing from the Grangegorman Arts Strategy (2012), ‘…the lives we live’1 Grangegorman Public Art programme was launched in September 2015. It is designed to be comprehensive and consists of six diverse but complementary art pathways. The core vision of the Arts Strategy is to connect ambitious art and artists with Grangegorman’s past and futures in ways which meaningfully contribute to the cultures and sub-cultures at play. The aim of the Grangegorman Public Art programme is to support the ongoing commissioning of artworks which have the imaginative potential to address the possibilities of this context and which build a legacy into the future.


‘…the lives we live’ are the last four words from Derek Mahon’s poem ‘Dreams of a Summer Night’. It was felt that this phrase crystalized the hopes for this project and have been adopted as the ‘spirit’ of the programme. Very many lives, across the full spectrum of humanity have woven the texture for the word ‘Grangegorman’ into the consciousness of Dubliners, and into the lexicon of those further afield. In a far more humanly expansive way, we hope that the new meanings planned for the word ‘Grangegorman’ will provide enjoyment and expansion for those who will live, work and study in this transforming area, as well as for those who currently living and will visit this vibrant city quarter.

By providing six pathways, the intent is to provide artists and those wishing to participate with an overview and choice of entry into the programme. While the pathways do not vary in ambition, they do vary in scale, time, structure and intent.

To find out more about the programme or to register interest for any of our public art events email and like our Facebook page here.



1 Extract from ‘Dreams of a Summer Night’, New Collected Poems (2011), by kind permission of the author, Derek Mahon, and The Gallery Press.


  • Grangegorman Public Art Publications

    ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art Book 2020

    The ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art Book is a collection of experiences, perspectives and stories, beautifully recounted through visuals and texts by the artists, collaborators, and stakeholders who have engaged in the last 5 years of this phase of the Public Art programme at Grangegorman.

    Since 2015, ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art has supported more than 30 public art commissions, ongoing projects and initiatives involving over 60 artists/groups and 50 organisations. To date, this has included contributing to 17 community-based projects where artists have worked with community partners within the Grangegorman project and the wider neighbourhood. It also includes 4 context-specific art commissions and the lending of artworks that are on public display. Enter full-screen mode to read an online version of the Book below.


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    ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art Booklet 2015

    The aim of Grangegorman Public Art is to enable artists, art-workers and communities to contribute to the transformation of ‘Grangegorman’, both as an idea and as a place. It is hoped that this will be just the beginning of a long-term commitment to integrating art into the living fabric of this emerging and exciting part of Dublin. Whether individually, or collectively, Grangegorman Public Art is delighted to invite artists and art-workers to consider participating in one, or more, of the six pathways outlined in the programme booklet.

    ‘…the lives we live’ programme booklet


    Grangegorman Arts Strategy 2012

    As part of the development of the Strategic Plan for the Grangegorman project a commitment was made to complete and implement a public arts strategy for the life of the project. The GDA procured Ms. Sarah Searson and Ms. Claire Nidecker who began working on the strategy at the end of 2011. It was adopted by the Agency at the end of 2012.

    Grangegorman Arts Strategy


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