Public Notice Regarding work to take place in the Grangegorman Playground

On Thursday 6th October and Friday 7th October the Grangegorman playground will be closed to facilitate some maintenance work including essential repair of the floor material.

As you may be aware from previous correspondence there is also a health and safety issue between the playground and the pitches.  Some balls have gone over the safety netting on the pitches and into the playground during games.  To ensure the safety of children in the playground,  Grangegorman Estate Management (GEM) is seeking a permanent solution to this issue and we hope to have this in place by the end of the year.

In the meantime however, it is necessary to close the playground during scheduled sports activity on the grass pitches. While these closures have been happening for the past week some people are ignoring the closure and climbing over the playground fence during games. This is a real health and safety concern and therefore it is necessary, as a temporary measure, to put high fencing around the playground so that it can be secured when closed.   The fence will be open at the playground gates during opening hours.

The playground has become a great community resource in Grangegorman and it is vital that everyone looks after it. We regret any inconvenience caused by the above measures but we can assure everyone that it is necessary in order to keep the playground in the best condition possible and to keep all users safe and happy.