Pathway 4: Creative Agents

This is an educational initiative involving artists, educators and community activists. It is inspired by a Cultural Agents initiative at Harvard University and is centred on creative leadership skills. The Public Art Working Group recognises the many levels of leadership existing within communities and the objective here is to support and enhance the work of those active in their respective communities. An introductory seminar was held with Professor Doris Sommer in June 2016 to establish interest. Planning is currently under way for a training workshop that is scheduled to take place in 2018.

The Creative Agents training programme is called ‘Pre-Texts. It combines high-order literacy, innovation and citizenship. Group leaders and teachers are supported in applying workshop learnings in the development of their work and community environments.

This project is being developed with the support of TU Dublin, the Ireland Fund and the Agency. An information session will be held later in 2017 and recruitment will take place in early 2018.