Pathway 1: Major Visual Art Commission

Pathway 1 in ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art is for a major visual art commission that leaves a lasting legacy for the Grangegorman site.

In keeping with the Grangegorman Arts Strategy and the National Guidelines for Per Cent for Art, the Public Art Working Group’s objective is to commission  a significant visual artwork for this phase of the Grangegorman site’s redevelopment programme. By pooling funds it has been possible to hold an open call international two-stage competition. A five person panel comprising Ciarán Benson (Chair and Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University College Dublin), Katerina Gregos, (International Curator Brussels), Anita Groener (distinguished Irish artist), Cliodhna Shaffrey (distinguished Irish curator) and Des McMahon (distinguished Irish Architect, designer of Croke Park), unanimously selected the artist and artwork to undertake this significant new contemporary work for Grangegorman.

‘THE GOLDEN BANDSTAND– Sculpture’, by artist Garrett Phelan is a functional work of art where, in the artist’s words, all communities from the area will meet, dance, chat, sing, think, kiss, look and listen. According to the artist, the idea of ‘THE GOLDEN BANDSTAND– Sculpture’ is influenced by the thinking of Dr. Joseph Lalor, a Medical Superintendent at the Grangegorman site in the 19th Century and a person who the artist feels an affinity with due to his view of the importance of engagement with creativity and beauty to our emotional wellbeing. Dr. Lalor used singing, painting, and reading as a central part of his therapeutic practice for his patients.

Describing the artwork and connection to Grangegorman, Phelan states:

SculptureforGrangegorman53 “As a contemporary work of art, ‘THE GOLDEN BANDSTAND – Sculpture’ connects this aspect of Lalor’s historical practice with the present transformation of the Grangegorman site as a centre for new models for creative education and community activity. In this way I feel ‘THE GOLDEN BANDSTAND – Sculpture’ respectfully acknowledges a past, fully embraces the present and will act as a positive contemporary work of art for creative engagement and collective escapism into the future.”

‘THE GOLDEN BANDSTAND – Sculpture’  is expected to be in place by autumn 2020.

Find out more about the artist here: