Nominations Period for GDA Elections Now Open

The nomination process for the election of community representatives to the GDA Board and Consultative Group is now open and will close on Wednesday, 8th April at 5pm.

In order for a person to be eligible they must fulfil all of the following;

  1. Be resident in the GDA area (click for link to map)
  2. Be on the register of electors in the area
  3. Be nominated by at least 2 registered groups

If a nominee does not satisfy all three criteria he/she will be deemed ineligible for the election.

If a person wishes to put themselves forward for election they must write to the Grangegorman Development Agency. The letter must include;

(a)                  The name and address of the nominee

(b)                  The position for which they are putting themselves forward for

(c)                  The groups which are nominating them

(a signature of one of the authorized officers of these groups is required here).

A list of the registered groups and their contact details can be obtained from the GDA. These details are held and used for the sole purpose of the election process. If you have any questions in relation to the election process please do not hesitate to contact the GDA on 01 4024140 or at