• Grangegorman Neighbourhood

    The Grangegorman neighbourhood was defined in the GDA Act 2005. It is made up of  8 electoral districts.


    The Grangegorman Development area is an area of geographical natural boundaries, with a common history both culturally and industrially (Smithfield Markets are still significant employers in the area) contained within a 29-hectare site. It is located in close proximity to the City Centre. The site flanks both sides of Grangegorman Lower and Upper. The North Circular Road bounds the site to the north, Prussia Street and Stoneybatter to the west, with Brunswick Street to the south.

  • Population Profile of the Area

    The area is quite diverse with pockets of affluence and deprivation. The Census 2011 revealed that the total population of the GDA area was 25,549.


    Overall, the population in Grangegorman grew by 4.14%, lower than the national Average of 8.22%. In 2011 the national average for population density was 67 persons per square kilometre.

    Four of the eight Electoral Districts (EDs) in the GDA area had more than 10,000 persons per square kilometre and the other four EDs had 5,080 persons per square kilometre (Arran Quay B), 9,194 persons per square kilometre (Arran Quay D), 7,893 persons per square kilometre (Cabra East C), and 9,675 persons per square kilometre (Inns Quay C).

    The GDA area had a slightly lower than average population of people over 65 years of age in 2011. The national average is 11.66% compared with 8.08% for the GDA area. The proportion of the population over 65 years of age in the GDA area has fallen from 9.5% in 2006.

    In 2011 five EDs have a younger population than both the Dublin and National average. The three ED areas that are equal to or above the Dublin and National averages are Arran Quay A (10.10%), Arran Quay E (12.58%), and Cabra East (11.02%).

    There were 6,777 people aged between 0 and 25 in the GDA area according to Census 2011, compared with 7,620 in 2006. This equates to 26.53% of the total population.

  • Some Socio-Economic Statistics
    • All EDs in the area recorded populations of non-Irish nationals well above the national average and the average for Dublin City. Polish nationality emerged as the single largest non-Irish national grouping living in the GDA area (1,185 persons) followed by UK nationals (403 persons) and Lithuanians (273 persons).
    • The unemployment rate for males was above the average across all areas with the exception of Arran Quay C. In Arran Quay D it stood at 38.73%. Inns Quay B and C had the highest number of females unemployed at over 18.50%.
    • Families headed by a lone parent (national figures) saw their deprivation rate increase significantly from 44.1% in 2009 to 56% in 2011.
    • The GDA area has seven primary schools, three secondary schools and one high support school. All but one of the schools in the GDA are designated as ‘disadvantaged’ under the Integrated School Support Programme (SSP) and under the Delivering Equality of Opportunities in Schools (DEIS) programme.
    • The population of pre-school children increased by 17.9% in the last five years.
    • In 2011 a total of 26.43% of all people in the area had only lower secondary education or lower.
  • Opportunities

    The GDA area is a very diverse and unique place. With a large number of non-Irish nationals this creates a vibrant and multi-cultural atmosphere. The diverse range of nationalities and ethnicities also presents specific challenges to inclusion.

    The new TU Dublin campus will provide the opportunities for children and parents to participate in events and classroom activities on the TU Dublin Campus, tackling some of the barriers to further/higher education from an early age.

  • Grangegorman Site Map and Opening Hours

    Below is a map of the site layout and amenities of the Grangegorman site as of 2017. Click on the image to view a larger version.

    The current opening hours of the Grangegorman campus are:

    Main gates  – 7am – 10pm daily

    St Brendan’s Way East Link –  7am – 7pm weekdays

    7.30am – 5pm Saturdays

    9am – 5pm Sundays

    Link to Park Shopping Centre Prussia St – 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday

    Closed Sundays

    Fingal Place Pedestrian Gate – 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday

    10am – 4pm Sundays & Bank Holidays




    Please note that these times are subject to change as the campus develops.