Grangegorman Playground and the new Pitches

As you may be aware the grass pitches in Grangegorman were opened recently. This is a significant milestone in the Grangegorman project and it is fantastic to see sports being played on them again.

It has been noted however, that since the opening of the pitches a number of balls have gone over the netting and into the playground.

Therefore a permanent netting system is to be put in place above the playground. This netting will be put in place by a playground equipment company who have experience dealing with this type of issue. However, it will take around three months for this to happen.

In the meantime a temporary arrangement must be put in place to ensure the playground can stay open and the pitches can be used, therefore, until the netting can be put in place DIT Sports have agreed to limit the number of games played on the GAA pitch as much as possible.

When games are taking place on the pitch, however, the playground will have to be closed for the duration of the game. This will be done for least amount of time possible and will be immediately re-opened thereafter. In addition to this it is intended that the weekly schedule of games, and therefore closures, will be put up around the playground so that users will be fully informed of all closures.

The Grangegorman playground has proven to be a success beyond what anyone could have anticipated and therefore the key objective is to ensure its continued usage by all local children alongside the other fantastic new facilities in Grangegorman.

For further information please contact DIT on 01 402 4209