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AIM – Asset Information Model: information model relating to the operational phase
PIM – Project Information Model: information model relating to the delivery phase
A start of delivery phase — transfer of relevant information from AIM to PIM
B progressive development of the design intent model into the virtual construction model
C end of delivery phase — transfer of relevant information from PIM to AIM

Construction capacity is a hot topic. The GDA has been investing a lot of time and effort into optimizing our construction process using Information Management in order to make efficiencies where possible. We see the new Information Management using BIM suite of standards, ISO 19650 critical to this work.

Robert Moore, GDA’s Information Manager using BIM has been working in the ISO group writing the guidance documentation for the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Execution Plan (BEP). These documents are vital for the correct implementation of ISO 19650-2.

This ISO international Task Group, ISO CEN/TC 442: WG3/TG2 has the first draft out for review and comment by the ISO committee ahead of the upcoming meeting in Leuven Belgium this March. A second draft is due to go to the industry for comment mid-2020. As part of the current review process, the Ireland mirror subcommittee that represents AEC industry bodies (chaired by Robert) will appraise the document from an Irish perspective. The GDA, through Robert, is now looking to take the lessons learned for preparing the guidance document and apply them to the GDA’s EIR and BEP for upcoming Grangegorman projects.

For more information on the work of ISO CEN/TC 442: Building Information Modelling (BIM), see the short video below.