• The Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum

    The Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum (GLLF) is made up of a range of organisations and stakeholders who work within the North West Inner City. The GLLF is a voluntary group who give their time, commitment and energy to ensure that the local community benefit from the Grangegorman Development Regeneration Project. The group is chaired by Ms Nora Rahill, Grangegorman Development Agency. The organisations which form the GLLF are;

      • The Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA)
      • Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)
      • Health Service Executive (HSE)
      • North West Inner City Network (NWICN)
      • Dublin City Council (DCC)
      • Department of Social Protection (DSP)
      • City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB)
      • Dublin Chamber of Commerce
      • Local Schools
      • Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP)


    The key aim of the GLLF is to ensure that opportunities arising from the project will benefit and improve the quality of life of the surrounding communities through education, training and employment opportunities.

    Prior to the formal establishment of the GLLF, a Joint Implementation Group was established, their focus was to progress the issue of education and training opportunities emerging from the Grangegorman Development. The group commissioned a report titled; `Study of Employment Opportunities Arising from the Grangegorman Development in Dublin’s North Inner City – Joining up the Dots’. This report (published in 2009) researched the socio-economic demographic and employment profile of the GDA area, and identified the employment opportunities which are likely to emerge from the development.

    The report made a number of recommendations, including the appointment of an Employment and Training Coordinator. The Coordinator was appointed in August 2011 and working with the Forum is responsible for implementing the recommendations contained in the report.

    The Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum meet monthly in a formal setting and work to an agreed agenda. There is a project implementation strategy in place, which is reviewed regularly. The day to day business of the GLLF is carried out by the Employment and Training Coordinator, who liaises with the Chairperson and reports back to the Forum.

    From time to time the GLLF will set up sub-groups to work on particular projects. We have currently established a Lifelong Learning Sub-Group to work on educational projects. The Sub-Group comprises members of the Forum and nominated individuals from stakeholder organisations.

  • Grangegorman Employment Charter

    Grangegorman Employment Charter

    The Grangegorman Development Agency working with the Employment and Training Coordinator and the Local Labour and Learning Forum has developed and implemented a Grangegorman Employment Charter. The aim of the Charter is to ensure that the local community benefits from employment opportunities that may arise from the Grangegorman project.

    The Charter sets out what is required of Contractors and Sub-Contractors in respect of employing local labour on site. The Charter also outlines how this will be monitored and reported on. All Contractors and Sub-Contractors who are awarded contracts will be briefed to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what is required of them in terms of reporting, including forward planning, and that they identify potential jobs that they will be recruiting locally for.

    The Grangegorman Development Agency want to ensure as far as possible that the project makes a real contribution to the structural and social regeneration of the local community contributing to a sustainable future for local people and businesses.

    The document is available here |  Grangegorman Employment Charter
  • GLLF Documents - Joining Up the Dots

    Joining Up the Dots 3

    The 2020 Joining Up the Dots III report provides an update from the previous Joining up the Dots reports (2009 and 2013) that underpins the proposed development in terms of community engagement from the Grangegorman Area.

    The report identifies areas of disadvantage, which will assist the work of the Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum in developing approaches and programmes that are relevant to communities.

    It provides the Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum with a clear understanding of the demographics, educational and employment profile of the area. This report will inform TU Dublin and the GLLF in pursuing their objectives for the developing educational and employment opportunities for the surrounding and wider communities. It is also a resource for statutory, voluntary and community groups and organisations working in the Grangegorman area to help support their own planning, development and funding processes.

    Read Joining Up the Dots 3 (2020) here
    Read Joining Up the Dots 2 (2013) here
    Read Joining Up the Dots 1 (2009) here


    The Implementation Plan for this report is also available at this link.



    Grangegorman Campus Development Policy Framework

    This report focuses on the educational, training and employment contribution that the TU Dublin Grangegorman Campus will deliver for the Local Community, the City and the Region.

    The reports primary aim is to inform, enhance and assist TU Dublin in developing its strategic role in the Region. The report emphasis the importance of working with all of the stakeholders in the area to deliver educational and employment benefits in an inclusive and cooperative way.

    The report clearly makes the case that TU Dublin working with the Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum will be ideally placed in its new location, to foster relations and to engage with all stakeholders in building capacity for regional co-operation.

    Download Grangegorman Policy Framework Document

  • Education and Training

    One of the key strands of the Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum (GLLF) is to work with partners to promote access to education and training in the area. To develop this piece of work the GLLF has established an Adult Education Sub-Group. The purpose of the Sub-Group is to:

    • Work together to develop an integrated strategy for adult training provision, addressing barriers and identifying gaps in adult and continuing education and training provision.
    • Promote access for adults to further and continuing education in the GDA area and to ensure that adults who engage with the continuing education services can progress at a pace and in a way that is appropriate to them. 
    • Identify clear progression routes and deliver appropriate information, advice and guidance to adult learners.
    • Establish clear linkages between education and training and employment/job opportunities.


    The co-ordinator will play a key role in facilitating this group and in reporting back to the GLLF.

  • Business and Enterprise

    The Grangegorman Labour and Learning Forum (GLLF) has established a Grangegorman Business & Enterprise Group whose aims are to raise awareness of the potential from the Grangegorman Development for local businesses and to explore how the GLLF might support local businesses (particularly small and micro-enterprises).

    If you would like your business to be added to our Local Business Register please fill out this form and return to kathleen.mccann@ggda.ie | Registration form for Local Business Register

    The current focus of the Grangegorman Business & Enterprise Group is on:

    • building awareness around the Grangegorman Development and its potential for neighbouring businesses and business networks;
    • providing opportunities for local businesses to come together to network and to learn more about initiatives, opportunities and supports of interest to them;
    • identifying and supporting opportunities for linkages between TU Dublin staff and students, and local businesses.

    The Group organises regular Grangegorman Business Breakfast networking and information events for the local business community and their support organisations. These events are free of charge and take place on the TU Dublin Grangegorman Campus.

  • Employment Opportunities on the Project

    There are currently 3 primary contractors on the Grangegorman site.


    Ganson is the contractor for the construction of the Dublin 7 Educate Together National School. For employment opportunities arising on this building, please contact:

    • Ganson David Rogers: 086 251 0626, david@ganson.ie



    OHLA-Townlink Joint Venture is the contractor for the construction of the Academic Hub. For employment opportunities arising on this project, please contact:

    • OHLA-Townlink John Barden: john.barden@ohla-tcl.ie



    Sodexo is the facilities management provider for the East Quad and Central Quad. For employment opportunities arising in these buildings, please contact:

    • Sodexo Tom Nidhin: 087 703 5495


  • Projects

    ABC Programme

    The Grangegorman Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme has been awarded a grant from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and Atlantic Philanthropies. The grant will fund an exciting series of activities from 2015 to 2017 to help improve outcomes for 0-6 year old children and families living in the Grangegorman area in Dublin 7. Read the full press release here |open PDF

    Next Step Science Programme

    Our first collaborative education project was a Next Step Science Programme. This was a Pre-access course aimed at people who were unemployed or with less than Leaving Certificate qualifications, who wish to improve their skills and qualifications in order to return to further education, training and employment. The programme was developed and run in association with the CDVEC, DIT, NWICN and the GDA.  Throughout the programme information and guidance was available to learners on their options for progression onto other programmes of learning. There was great interest in the course with over 15 participants enrolling. The programme is a FETAC L3 and L4 accredited programme.

    The Sub-Group is currently working on how we can further collaborate on training and learning projects. So keep an eye on our website to find out what’s going on at www.gllf.ie.

    If you are interested in finding out who is currently delivering programmes of learning in the area check out the links page on our website, which lists the educational and community organisations. If your organisation is not there please let us know and we will upload your details.