Planning permission has been granted for the construction of the new 24-classroom Dublin 7 Educate Together School, following a request made by the Department of Education and Skills to the GDA and a submission to An Bord Pleanála by Dublin City Council.

Internationally acclaimed architecture firm, Grafton Architects, have designed the school to comprise two separate buildings that are easily accessible from the Grangegorman and Rathdown roads. One building, containing the General Purpose Rooms is positioned along Grangegorman Upper. This facility provides large interconnecting rooms for the school and has the potential for independent, after-hours use both by the local and Grangegorman campus communities. The second building contains both the Special Needs Unit and the Teaching Facilities and runs parallel to Ivy Avenue.

The school, separate yet close in proximity to HSE and TU Dublin buildings, is conveniently situated to parks and play spaces throughout the site with its own Outdoor Play areas on a number of levels. The Junior Play Area, the Special Needs Unit with its hard and soft Play Area and Sensory Garden are accessed via the main entrance gate. A children’s playground will be available for dedicated school use during school hours and open for public use at other times under Grangegorman campus management. Pupils will also have access to the site’s playing fields.

The Grangegorman Campus Planning Scheme provides for a number of landscape facilities, including what are called: ‘Green Fingers’, which link access routes to the Serpentine Walk and St. Brendan’s Way at the heart of the campus. The new school benefits from one of these ‘Green Fingers’, which forms the western boundary of the school and includes the children’s playground. Ivy Avenue, which forms the southern boundary of the school will be tree-lined. A new public space, bounded by Grangegorman Upper and Rathdown Road will form the new threshold from the city into the school grounds. This south-east facing space will provide for drop off and collection as pupils at arrive at and leave the new school.

The Teaching Block houses the Special Needs Unit on the Lower Ground Level as well as the Administration Reception areas. The Upper Ground, First, Second and Third levels contain classrooms clustered in groups of three, accessed off two staircases. The Staff Room on the Upper Ground level looks out over the entrance area; three Special Education Rooms are positioned on the first and second floors; the Library is placed on the top floor. Outdoor Play areas are on a number of levels. The Junior Play Area, the Special Needs Unit with its hard and soft Play Area and Sensory Garden are accessed via the main entrance gate; Play Areas 1 + 2 are accessed by means of three steps and a ramp; Ball Court 2 is on ground level with direct access to the ‘Green Finger’ Playground. This level is accessed by external stairs and lift, as is Ballcourt 1 which is positioned on the roof of the General Purpose Rooms.

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