Historic Use

The Church of Ireland Chapel was constructed in Grangegorman in 1860. Previously Protestant inmates of the Richmond Penitentiary shared St. Laurence’s Church with Catholic inmates. The Chapel soon grew into disuse until psychiatrist Ivor Browne re-purposed the space for psychotherapy and group therapy. Browne began working at St. Brendan’s Hospital in Grangegorman in 1966 and used the space until he left in the 1990’s. It was deconsecrated in the 1990’s and has been un-occupied since.


Key adjacencies to the Chapel include An Croí to the north, the East Quad to the east and future student accommodation to the west.



Site: 0.06 hectares (Planning Permission)

Current Use

Since the chapel was deconsecrated in the 1990’s, it has remained unused and unoccupied.


There is no fixed end user yet. TU Dublin, the TU Dublin Students Union and/ or the local community have all been identified as parties who could benefit from the space.

Description of New Facilities

While there is no fixed programme for the Chapel, suitable functions will have low service demand to prevent the need for intrusive services in the historic fabric of the Chapel. Suitable functions should also work well within the single volume space. Those raised previously range from an exhibition space, to a flexible student societies/ community space and gallery. 

Works to Date

Planning was initially submitted by Coady Partnership Architects on the 27th of May 2014 to carry out essential reparations to the Chapel. This work was carried out to mothball the Chapel until a use could be identified. Work was completed in 2015 and the chapel was left safe to enter with no further works carried out to date.

Design Team and Contractor/s Involved

Design Team: Coady Partnership Architects

Mechanical & Electrical Services Engineers: IN2 Design Partnership

Civil/ Structural Engineers: DBFL Consulting Engineers

Quantity Surveyor/ PSDP : Aecom

Works: Bourke Builders (stabilisation works)

Window Panels/ Vents: Glasshausstudio

Programme Completion


Procurement Route


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