Call for 2015 Resident Representatives to the GDA and the Consultative Group

The terms of office for the residents’ nominee to the GDA Board and the resident members of the Consultative Group are coming to an end on 12th May 2015 and therefore it is the intention of the GDA to start the election process for the community representatives for both from today. All current registered groups will have to re-register.

Residents and Tenants Associations can vote in both the GDA Board and the Consultative Group elections while community groups can only vote for representatives to the Consultative Group.

Further information on the GDA election process and timeline is available here.

If you wish to register your group please click here and download the correct form. Please note that these forms must be completed and returned to the GDA Offices no later than 5pm, Friday 13th March 2015.

Only residents of the defined neighbourhood shown below are eligible. Click on the map for closer study.