Election of Local Representatives

Schedule 4 of the Grangegorman Development Agency Act sets out the method by which representatives of the local community will be elected to the Board and the Consultative Body of the Agency. The Community have one position on the Board and two on the Consultative Group. The election process can be summarised as follows;

Only residents of the defined neighbourhood are eligible (see electoral area map below).

election_mapClick on the map for closer study.




Election of Community Representatives for GDA Board and Consultative Group

The term of office for community representatives on the current GDA Board and Consultative Group is ending on 8th September 2021. Therefore, it is the intention of the GDA to hold elections for community representatives to both groups from June as per the GDA Act 2005.


Please note that the 2021 election process takes into account public health restrictions regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic and may be subject to change.


For more details on the election process and timelines please click on the link below.


Election process and timelines


To download the registration forms click on the links below:


Registration form for Residents and Tenants Associations
Registration form for Community Groups and Associations (incl. Residents and Tenants)



Election Results

Following the election process arising from a casual vacancy held on 12th February, the following representative have been put forward for the Consultative Group.



Election Process for Casual Vacancy and Timeline 2020

Current list of Registered Community Groups (see List B).


In order for a person to be eligible for election to the GDA Board or Consultative Group they must fulfil all of the following;

a. Be resident in the GDA area (see map above)
b. Be on the register of electors in the area
c. Be nominated by at least 2 registered groups


Nominees for Consultative Group Election

The election took place on 12th February 2020



Election Results

Following the elections for community representatives to the Board and Consultative Group held on 30th August, the following representatives have been put forward for the new term.

GDA BOARD: Louise Keegan
CONSULTATIVE GROUP: Luke McManus and Claire Owens


Election Timeline and Process 2018


Registration of Groups

In order to be able to vote in either election or to put forward candidates all groups must first register with the Grangegorman Development Agency.  The registration period has now passed and the lists for both elections have been compiled, one for the Board election and one for the Consultative Group election. Please see below.


Tenant/Resident Associations

A tenant/residents’ association can nominate and vote in both the Board and Consultative Group elections. In the 2018 call for groups, a total of 9 tenant/resident associations registered for this election process.

LIST A: Residents & Tenant Groups 2018


Community Groups

A Community Group includes tenant/resident associations, parish and district associations and groups, youth and sports clubs, and similar non-commercial groups in the Grangegorman neighbourhood (see map above). Registered Community Groups can vote in the Consultative Group election. In the 2018 call for groups, a total of 13 Community Groups registered for this election process.

 LIST B: Community & Residents/Tenants Groups 2018

The nominations for the GDA Board can be viewed here.
The nominations for the Consultative Group can be viewed here.



If you have any queries relating to this or any other matter please do not hesitate to contact us on 01 4024140 or e-mail us at communications@ggda.ie.

The Agency reserves the right to;

(i)           decline to register an entity, or to remove an entity from the register, in circumstances where there is a risk of duplication of representation, duplication of voting rights or duplication of votes, or

(ii)          take any other action which it believes is necessary to secure and protect the integrity of the electoral process.