News for Primary Care Centre Works

As part of the ongoing works for the HSE Primary Care Centre in the northern corner of the Grangegorman site, a second large concrete pour is scheduled to take place on Monday 20th July by the contractor L & M Keating Ltd. This work will complete the ground floor slab of the new build, which will also incorporate one of the protected structures – the Laundry building – into its construction once completed. Due to the unpredictability of concrete pours, and to allow for unforeseen delays in its delivery, the GDA has applied to Dublin City Council on behalf of the contractor for an extension of the working hours for the 20th July. The requested hours are from 6pm – 9pm on Monday only.

Please note that it is the contractor’s intention to complete all works within the usual permitted hours of 7am – 6pm on the day. This type of work is considered exceptional after-hours work and is allowable with permission under the planning conditions for the build.

If you have any queries in relation to this work, you can contact L & M Keating Ltd on 083 1580432 or the GDA on 01 4024140.

The GDA would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience these works may cause.