City of Dublin Winter Solstice Festival

Curator: Smashing Times Theatre Co.
Community Partner: Slí an Chroí
Medium: Festival
Website/Social Media: Smashing Times Theatre Co.   Winter Solstice Festival: 
Location: An Chroí Grangegorman campus & Smithfield Square
Commissioner: Grangegorman Development Agency, Public Art Working Group
Date: 21st December 2016
Per Cent for Art: Yes


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A community gathering on the darkest day of the year culminating in a colourful parade from Grangegorman campus to Smithfield Square.

The 7th Annual City of Dublin Winter Solstice Festival took place in collaboration with TU Dublin (DIT at the time) as part of ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art programme. The free event invited everyone to take part in the festival which marked the shortest day of the year, 21st December. The event comprised of an indoor festival of wreath-making, face-painting, storytelling, poetry and ceili sessions and also an outdoor parade and fire ceremony.

Everyone was invited to make their own battery lanterns, masks, rattles and decorative drums and join in on the parade which started in An Croí Grangegorman, travelling down Grangegorman Lower and danced its way into Smithfield Square. The ceremonial fire was lit in Grangegorman and carried by fire bearers as part of the parade. In the Square, people were invited to throw their widgets – their hopes for the coming year – into the flames in the traditional climax of the Winter Solstice Festival.

Check out the festival flyer and event programme below:

The 7th City of Dublin Winter Solstice Festival Flyer

 Winter Solstice Festival 2016 Event Programme