The Masterplan 


Curator: Jennie Guy
Artists: John Beattie, Ella De Búrca
Community Partner: Dublin 7 Educate Together School
Website/Social Media: 
Date: May – June 2016
Commission Type: Open Call
Commissioner Name: Grangegorman Public Art Working Group, Grangegorman Development Agency
Per Cent for Art: Yes


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  Photos in gallery are credited to Louis Haugh


The Masterplan is a community-based arts initiative which imaginatively explores the educational environment of young people in the 21st century. It takes place during May-June 2016 and represents a new partnership between curator Jennie Guy, artists John Beattie and Ella de Búrca, and Dublin 7 Educate Together National School. The school which has been temporarily located in Grangegorman Lower will be relocated on the new site in a new building as part of the Grangegorman redevelopment.

The Masterplan is a project curated and conceived of by Jennie Guy. Guy, alongside filmmaker John Beattie and performance artist Ella de Búrca will workshop and situate themselves amongst young people for extensive periods over the coming months.

The project’s ambition is based on exploring a high-level theme with a young audience, allowing access to a deeper connection to the way that their city is changing around them.  By the nature of this partnership between the artists and the school, the project is firmly rooted and connected within the local community.  The project’s legacy: Imagine being a child and making this film – and then in five or ten years’ time – the school is there and you can look back on the film that you made, on what you had imagined before it was even built.

An underlying premise of this work is Guy’s belief that if you place an artist as an active researcher in a learning environment that the students quickly becomes inventive and creative learners.


The intent of this process based arts initiative is to facilitate a creative conversation amongst students about the arc of their transition from an older environment to a newly built one.  The Masterplan involves a range of artist workshops, performance, events and collaborative explorations.

Students will work with the artists to realize a series of performances that will be filmed, working through the following stages:

  • A residency running May-June 2016 where primary school students engage with artists, working through a variety of artistic research and artistic media.
  • A series of performances in which the students are working with the artists to produce material that becomes the content of a film.
  • Multiple opportunities for the students to work not only as performers within the film, but to be involved in every aspect of production of the film.

The project will create a strong legacy for the school, particularly working through the media of performance and video art.

The Masterplan is integrated in the first stage of the GDA’s public art programme, giving the students and the school a means of exploring this project’s evolution as active participants in the areas redevelopment.



Students, parents, teachers and supporters of The Masterplan were invited to a public screening of ‘The Making of the Masterplan‘ in the Lighthouse Cinema on 3th October 2016. The screening was a documentary of the processes undertaken during the artists’ residency with the school. An artist essay from Brian Fay on the project was written in support of this event.





The Masterplan Press Release | view here
Artist Essay A Site of Change: The Masterplan  by Brian Fay | view here


    Artist Bio/s: 

    Jennie Guy is an artist and curator based in Dublin. Her practice embraces visual, textual, performance and event-based outputs, initiating both formal and informal collaborations and participative environments. Since 2011 she has a particular focus on exploring modes of artist-in-education, (her works goes under the moniker of Art School). She has recently curated multiple collaborative workshop and residency programmes including, School Links in collaboration with Marino Institute of Education; the Thinking Visual programme for the Wicklow County Arts Office.

    Through film-making, photography, and drawing, John Beattie explores different methods of production and representation.  His curiosity lies with how the viewer engages with or unravels the creative process. John also has great technical experience, he is used to working with large numbers as cast and crew as part of his artistic practice. He was recently awarded the Visual Art Bursary Award from the Arts Council of Ireland and he has some significant shows coming up in Ireland and abroad.

    Ella de Búrca’s installations are conceived for specific occasions, which disappear after exhibition. Her bold, large scale sculptures could be mistaken for theatre sets. Her work is site- specific, and often uses humour. Ella is interested in creating performances and sculptures that reflect contemporary society, playing with inversion to question communal identity. She has received awards from The Irish Arts Council and Culture Ireland as well as a Scholarship from The Banff Centre, Canada.