• Strategic Development Zone Planning

    Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) designation is intended for lands where, in the opinion of the Government, specified development is of economic or social importance to the State. It results in a very specific planning process for buildings within the zone.

    The two principal elements to delivery of development under the SDZ mechanism are designation as an SDZ by Government Order and adoption of a Planning Scheme for the designated lands. In order for lands to be designated as an SDZ it must be approved by Government Order. The procedure involved the GDA applying to the Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Local Government for Government designation.

    The GDA developed the Strategic Plan into a Draft Planning Scheme for the purposes of the SDZ.

    The Planning Scheme consists of a written statement and a plan indicating:

    ®  Type of development to be permitted.

    ®  Extent of development.

    ®  Proposals relating to design (maximum height, the external finish, general appearance and design).

    ® Proposals relating to transport (public transport, road layout, parking and traffic management).

    ® Proposals relating to services (waste and sewerage; water; electricity and telecommunications; oil and gas).

    ®  Proposals to minimise impact on the environment.

    ®  Proposals for other amenities (where the scheme is for residential development).

    The Draft Planning Scheme was submitted by the GDA to Dublin City Council whose elected members made the decision to adopt the scheme on 25th July 2011. Following this four appeals were made to An Bord Pleanála in November 2011. The Board approved the Planning Scheme on 14th May 2012.

    Now that the Planning Scheme is appoved all subsequent planning applications, provided that they are consistent with the Adopted Scheme, will receive permission from Dublin City Council and An Bord Pleanala will not be involved.

    In order to view the Planning Scheme follow the link below to the Dublin City Council website.

    Please click here.

    Strategic Development Zone Reference Documentation

    Transport Assessment | download PDF
    Mobility Management Strategy | download PDF
    Landscape and Visual Impact Appraisal| download PDF
    Daylight and Sunlight Review| download PDF
    Tree Survey| download PDF
    Waste Management Strategy| download PDF
    Wet Services Assessment – Technical Note| download PDF
    Flood Risk Assessment| download PDF

  • Current Planning Applications

    Under the Grangegorman Planning Scheme adopted in 2012, all subsequent planning applications will be lodged with Dublin City Council and An Bord Pleanála will not be involved.

    All of the GDA planning applications can be found on the Dublin City Council website by filling in the location or planning reference number here.

    The GDA currently has 1 planning application with Dublin City Council.

    • Temporary Surface Car-Park: Planning Ref – GSDZ4208/16
  • Developing a New Urban Quarter at Grangegorman, Dublin: The Role of Planning in its Successful Delivery

    The following paper was written by GDA Senior Planner Terry Prendergast on “Developing a New Urban Quarter at Grangegorman, Dublin: The Role of Planning in its Successful Delivery”. It was published in the Journal of the Irish Planning Institute, Pleanáil, Issue 20, Winter 2014.

    Click here to view the paper.