Central Quad cgi view from Academic Plaza_small

A view of the Central Quad from St. Brendan’s Way

  • Introduction

    The Central Quad will accommodate academic activities and facilities required for a total of ten schools from the College of Sciences & Health, College of Engineering & Built Environment and the College of Arts & Tourism. These schools and their associated academic, teaching and specialist facilities will be grouped within the Central Quad to maximise the benefits and efficiencies to DIT from locating together related disciplines and functions. The gross internal floor area for the Central Quad is anticipated to be approximately 33,000m2.

    The ten schools to be located within the Central Quad are as follows: Biological Sciences, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Computing, Physics, Mathematics, Food Science & Environmental Health, Culinary Arts & Food Technology, Hospitality Management & Tourism, Electronic & Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering Systems.

    The vision for the Central Quad is to create a hub which expresses and brings life to the functions of the Schools and Colleges. The Central Quad will contain a significant element of shared general teaching space as well as a range of specialist learning spaces including wet and dry laboratories, workshops, kitchens, support spaces and teaching restaurants. The Central Quad main reception and foyer area will accommodate security and reception functions for all users of this Quad. Cafés, gallery/exhibition areas and social learning spaces will also be provided.

    Specialist facilities will include the following:

    • Wet and dry laboratories; for the full range of practical work by all schools within the College of Sciences & Health;
    • Computer laboratories: these will generally be categorised as standard or specialised. Standard computer laboratories will be used by all schools as required. Specialised computer laboratories will be used primarily by the School of Computing;
    • Electronic Design Studios and specialist communication laboratories: these will be used by the School of Electrical Engineering Systems and the School of Electronics & Communications Engineering;
    • Culinary Arts facilities: to include various demonstration and teaching kitchens, preparation and store rooms, teaching restaurants and a function room; and
    • Delivery area: to facilitate frequent deliveries required by the College of Sciences & Health and School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology. Separate storage areas will be required for the various deliveries. Food storage areas will be separated from other materials. Efficient removal of different waste categories (chemical, biological and waste food) from the Central Quad will be included.

    Procurement Route

    Public Private Partnership (PPP)

    Design Team

    Eriugena Consortium


    Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd

    FCC Ireland Ltd

  • Programme

    Throughout the construction of the Central Quad this section will be updated regularly to give a three week look ahead on the construction programme. If there are any unusual or out of hours events to take place notification will be given to the appropriate people through various media including letter drop, email and social media alerts.


    Week Commencing 10th December 2018

    Basement -

    Removal of formwork from poured slabs & backpropping to continue

    Injection of Rascor system to continue

    Benching of manholes

    Installation of windposts for blockwork to commence

    North Block -

    Rebar, Shuttering & post tension elements fixing to continue for Level 01 PT Slab Pour 4

    Concrete to be poured to Level 01 PT Slab Pour 4

    Rising elements Level 01 – 02 to commence on Pours 1 & 2

    Decking to continue Level 2 Pours 1 & 2

    Decking to continue for Level 2 Pour 1

    Stressing & grouting works associated with the PT slabs ongoing following slab pours

    South Block -

    Rising elements and decking level 02-03 on Areas S3 to continue

    Decking, rebar & shuttering to level 03 Pour S2

    Concrete to be poured to Level 03 Slab Area S2

    Removal of formwork from poured slabs and backpropping to continue

    Externals -

    Walkways and access points upkeep and changes ongoing

    Sub-contractor facilities to be extended

    Scaffolding to pre-cast cores & access to continue

    There will be Saturday working under the working hours permitted.


    There will be continued concrete pours taking place between now and 22nd Dec when the site closes for the christmas period. Construction will recommence on site on 2nd Jan.
  • Environmental Monitoring Reports

    As part of the construction works for the Central and East Quads at Grangegorman, environmental monitoring will carried out to assess the dust, noise and vibrations arising from the works. They will be published as they become available on this page.

    The reports are listed below.


    Dust Reports

    Dust Monitoring Report 03/04/18 – 01/05/18

    Dust Monitoring Report 01/05/18 – 28/05/18

    Dust Monitoring Report  28/05/18 – 27/06/18

    Dust Monitoring Report 27/06/18 – 30/07/18

    Dust Monitoring Report 30/07/18 – 30/08/18

    Dust Monitoring Report 30/08/18 – 26/09/18


    Noise Reports

    Interim Report Measuring Noise January 2018

    Interim Report Measuring Noise February 2018

    Interim Report Measuring Noise 23/03/18 – 10/04/18

    Interim Report Measuring Noise 10/04/2018 – 01/05/18

    Noise Monitoring Report 28/05/18 – 27/06/18

    Noise Monitoring Report 27/06/18 – 30/07/18

    Noise Monitoring Report 30/07/18 – 30/08/18

    Noise Monitoring Report 30/08/18 – 26/09/18

    Noise Monitoring Report 26/09/18 – 26/10/18


    Vibration Reports

    Interim Report Measuring Vibrations January 2018

    Interim Report Measuring Vibrations February 2018 

    Interim Report Measuring Vibrations 23/03/18 – 10/04/18

    Interim Report Measuring Vibrations 10/04/18 – 01/05/18

    Vibration Monitoring Report 28/05/18 – 27/06/18

    Vibration Monitoring Report 27/06/18 – 30/07/18

    Vibration Monitoring Report 30/07/18 – 30/08/18

    Vibration Monitoring Report 30/08/18 – 26/09/18

    Vibration Monitoring Report 26/09/18 – 26/10/18



  • Contact Details

    For day time queries in relation to the Central and East Quad development please contact 087 1788749.

    For out of hours queries in relation to the Central and East Quad development please contact 087 3492487.

    For employment opportunities on this project, please contact:

    • SISK FCC                                                                                                                                  Wesley Duffy: 01 409 1500, w.duffy@sisk.ie
    • SMG Formwork                                                                                                                           Kevin Farrell: 087 686 5107, kevinfarrell@smgformwork.ie
    •  Sue’s Tasty Bites (site canteen)                                                                                               Sue McCann: 086 329 7465


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    Central Quad cgi view from Academic Plaza_small

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