Confinement: a rear view

Filmmaker and Visual Artist: Trish Mc Adam;                                                                       Curator and GDA Public Art Coordinator: Jenny Haughton
With collaboration from: Marc Sherwin (motion graphics), Dr Paul Caviston (Psychotherapist), Orla Barry (former CEO Mental Health Ireland)
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Dates: ongoing
Commission Type: Open Call
Commissioner Name: Grangegorman Public Art Working Group, Grangegorman Development Agency
Per Cent for Art: Yes



A short film journeys, in a fragmented way, over time (mostly 1717 – 2017) through the architectural, psychological and sociopolitical changes in a confined space, a line between Henrietta Street and the DIT Campus (formerly St. Brendan’s/Grangegorman Asylum), Dublin, Ireland. The interior and exterior, manifesting itself in hand drawn, animated charcoal drawings, live action, photography and motion graphics combined with an original music score and voices invented by the artist, echoing things that she imagines could or could not have been said.

Artist Inspiration

This film idea emerged from a line my eyes traced on a map, which went from Henrietta Street to Grangegorman. I had lived in number 5 Henrietta Street 1977 – 1986, on and off, and had never noticed my proximity, as the crow flies, to the infamous Grangegorman Asylum, which, in my living memory, was used as a common social control and threat.

Not a documentary, more a fragmented bricolage of moments in time, impacts of social, political and technological changes in the uses of the land in a space that was green fields until the early 18th century and that time has filled in with buildings ßthat have housed extreme ideas of their time. 

I use the imagined voice of Tony Rudenko, a bricolage artist who lived in Henrietta St until his death in 2014. Tony was a good friend, when I lived there, with a unique, irreverent voice which suits my subject well.

My research journey has included conversations with people associated with the key buildings on the line, Henrietta St. the King’s Inns, Broadstone Terminus and Grangegorman. These have led me to further research which revealed an intensity of change on this line over the 300 years and more,  the carving out of new land in the city among the merchants, bankers, lawmakers and lawbreakers, in the constantly evolving environment of changing mindsets, technology, philosophy and aesthetic, generation after generation of ever changing cultural and political influence.

It is hard to follow the line and not think of what the present is doing and what the future might bring it. 

    Artist Bios

    Mostly self taught, filmmaker and visual artist, Trish McAdam began working in film in the eighties with music/slides shows, including NEW YORK and HEROIN, screened mostly pre gigs in live music and venues,  followed by a number of short super 8mm and 16mm films including THE DRIP. As a founder member of Temple Bar Studios, she co created the Ha’Penny film Club. In 1997, her first feature, SNAKES AND LADDERS, screened at Sundance, Toronto, HOF and San Sebastian Film Festivals. After residencies in Nipkow, Berlin, and the Irish Cultural Centre, Paris, she made a number of documentaries including HOODWINKED about the history of Irish women since 1922, now housed by the Irish Film Institute as THE HOODWINKED COLLECTION.  Since 2009 she has made a number of charcoal animation film installations including ROUGH TIME, CAGED BIRD SINGS, NO ENEMIES – LIU XIAOBO and STRANGERS OF KINDNESS.  She recently completed an MA in Visual Arts Practice, and had her first solo show in The Butler Gallery.  AOSDANA member 2017

    Trish is currently working as writer/director on an international cinema feature, THE END OF ROMANCE, based on the life of Maud Gonne and WB Yeats.


    Marc Sherwin (Motion Graphics) 20 years experience as both a graphic designer and editor Marc has worked on a significant number of projects ranging from television programming, corporate videos, commercials, music videos, feature and short films and has collaborated on a number of art projects with Trish McAdam.


    Martin Clancy (composer) is a founder member of Irish Band ‘In Tua Nua’(1982) (members include Steve Wickham – The Waterboys, Sinead O’Connor, Leslie Dowdall). ‘In Tua Nua’ are first act to sign to U2 own record company Mother Records. Recorded in The Wool Hall (Bath), Ocean Way (Los Angeles), Olympic (London), The Manor (UK), and Windmill Lane (Dublin).

    Producers worked with include: Peter Walsh – Scott Walker; Kevin Kilbane – Elvis Costello; Paul Fox – XTC; Don Dixon – REM.

    During this time Martin also wrote soundtracks for directors such as Oscar-winner Freddie Francis; various international TV commercials in UK and Japan, and directed two large budget pop videos for ‘In Tua Nua’.

    Martin invited to become Artist in Residence in New York (2009) at the prestigious Seaport Music Festival.  Seaport Music Records founded.  It’s remit to release a series of limited edition vinyl of Martin’s original music. Martin Clancy & The Witness Protection Programme score a series of Top 20 hits in the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts. ( 2010-11)  Manager Jack L.

    Martin’s own music is licensed for Play network for international sync and Martin’s new melodic techno group -Valleraphon – are signed to leading Belgium record Label Bonzai Records.  Valleraphon’s debut single “Give me your love” released on April 2017.

    Currently Ph.D student in trinity College Dublin

    Teaching Introduction & Intermediate Level” Ableton Course in Dublin at S.T.C.