The Grangegorman Strategic Plan and subsequently the Planning Scheme committed the Agency to assisting in the setting up of a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) to help with the embedding of a new community of 22,000 DIT students and staff with the existing community. The central aim of this committee was to ensure that the community had a voice and forum to discuss issues and to avert potential problems once the new quarter and especially the new campus was up and running. This committee would deal with issues such as student accommodation, late night events, campus safety and general community and student interaction.


  • Terms of Reference

    The overall role of the Community Liaison Committee is to ensure the community’s needs are met within the overall Grangegorman Project. The Terms of reference for the Community Liaison Committee can be read in full here.

  • Members

    The members of the Community Liaison Committee comprises of:

    • 2 community members of the Consultative Group

    Luke McManus

    Claire Owens

    (Reps are elected through the GDA election process – see here for more info)

    • 1 community member of the Board

    Louise Keegan

    • 2 Dublin City Council elected members on the Consultative Group

    Cllr Nial Ring

    Cllr Áine Clancy

    • 1 Dublin City Council elected member on the Board

    Cllr Janice Boylan

    • Public Representative

    Maureen O’Sullivan TD

    • Rep from the Central Area Office


    • 2 GDA staff

    Ronan Doyle

    Lori Keeve

    • 1 Garda Rep

    Garda Seamus Fogarty

    • Rep from HSE

    Kevin Sheridan

    • Rep from DIT

    Brian Gormley

    • 2 Reps from D7 Educate Together

    Fionnuala McHugh

    Neil O’Riordan

    • 1 DIT Students Union Rep

    Jason Aughney

    • Grangegorman Employment and Training Coordinator

    Kathleen McCann


    Other organisations will join the meetings as necessary by invitation on a month by month basis.



  • Meeting Minutes

    The group meets on a monthly basis (with the exception of the months where the Consultative Group meet) at least 1 week before the GDA Board meeting so that it can report back to the Board and/or issues arising can be brought to the Board.


    2018 CLC Minutes

    The agreed minutes for 2018 CLC meetings can be found below.

    CLC January Minutes

    CLC February Minutes

    CLC April Minutes

    CLC May Minutes

    CLC July minutes – pending agreement


    2017 CLC Minutes

    The agreed minutes for 2017 CLC meetings are listed below.

    CLC January Minutes

    CLC February Minutes

    CLC April Minutes

    CLC May Minutes

    CLC July Minutes

    CLC October Minutes

    CLC November Minutes